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Heathtech Ltd aims to bring the latest international renewables technology to the market place at realistic prices.

Heathtech Ltd is a business based in rural Wales

Heathtech is actively involved with developing new technology and products as well as sourcing the most efficient products internationally with an aim of delivering and installing these products for realistic prices to the people who need them most, elderly vulnerable people who still have to use candles in the middle of winter and who can only pump water and have normal living a few hours every day by using polluting diesel generators.

In 2015 it is a fact that there are people and families here in the UK without any National Grid power. The UK government has set up schemes such as 'The Green Deal' to assist people with power to go greener but offered no help to those who need it most and who have no power at all. The power companies often quote unrealistic prices for grid connection, we have the solutions...

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